He's a contestant on OB-RFTP and OBR.

Appearance Edit

He is a bronze coin with the word "Token" in the middle. He also wears a Mario hat.

Personality Edit

Arcade token is a nice, outgoing, thoughtful, and a complete daredevil (well, except when it means to hurt himself). He is one of the best gamers in the world and would beat almost anyone that challenges him in a video game. However, he does play fair. He is in a alliance with GPS and spiral.

Relationships Edit

Spiral - He is arcade tokens alliance leader and friend, and pretty much follows spirals orders very well.

GPS - They are both friends and alliance members, but arcade token feels bad for GPS when he gets upset or depressed. Arcade token also has a feeling that GPS is hiding something.

Colon - He and colon don't know each other much, but they do hang out sometimes when GPS is around. Arcade token secretly spies on colon sometimes, as well.

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